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Watershed Weekend @Crescent Bar

As you may already know, Watershed weekend at Crescent Bar is one of our biggest rental weekends every year. The island is taken over by concert goers for the weekend listening to great country music at the Gorge all weekend and fitting in some boating/sunbathing, and waterskiing in between. We also have some great places to eat this time of year too. I have thrown in a quick video of everything happening down by the boat launches and beaches so that you could see what it's like during a Watershed Saturday morning. The beach is especially popular right now as there has been a heat wave and the river is more cooler than usual due to a lot of snow melt this past Winter. If you get an opportunity to join us, please check out Select Rentals for your vacation rental needs and sign up for this blog and become a Select Insider member. Content coming....

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